Today apps are everywhere and used for numerous purposes. I was familiar with apps and used them on occasion but just basic ones that were already on my phone. After viewing the 60 Educational Apps in 60 minutes I was blown away with how many different types of apps there are and how many can be used in education.

One app that I believe would be beneficial in physical education class would be an app called Accupedo. This app allows you to view the miles you run, the calories you burn and time it takes. I think this would be a cool way to explain the importance of being physical active and how many calorie you burn when you run a mile. I think this would be a great learning aid to help students understand what effort it takes to expend calories while being physical active. I think the student would enjoy working with the app and I think I would actually motivate them to be more physical active. 

Another app that I think would be very helpful is Everynote. This is an app that allows you to set reminders to keep up with your busy schedule. I think I would be neat to have students down load the app and keep track of all-important events for one week. Either test they have for a class, practice for a sport or just hanging with friends. I would have them discuss the important of staying organized and see if any of them would continue using the app after the assignment was over.

The last app I think that would be very beneficial for the student is how to understand the process of  making a movie. This app allows you to record videos from you phone and create an HD movie. I think students would enjoying doing a project using  imovie for a sport or activity they like to participate in outside of school.

Apps are growing each day and always being modified. There is no telling what the limitations are for apps and what their possibilities are in education. I think they are relativity new for educational purpose but the more people get exposed to them the more we will see them used in classroom. I am looking forward to learning more about apps and trying to use them in my own classes.


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