When I think of the words social media the first network that comes to my mind is Facebook. For the past few years this was my most used form of social media. Today I was introduced to a new form of social media called LinkedIn. At the start I was a little confused about how the site works but after some experimenting I was able to get a better understanding of how to use LinkedIn. Comparing LinkedIn to Facebook there is a number of noticeable differences.

The first difference I noticed was LinkedIn seemed to be more professional with a business aspect opposed to Facebook having connections with friends and family. To me LinkedIn was based more on connecting with professionals in your field. LinkedIn seemed to be a site to explore if you were searching for employment or looking to hire. One option I liked about LinkedIn is how I was able to sync my email contacts straight to my LinkedIn page and quickly make connections. This seems like it will be useful because my address book changes regularly and I can stay up to date with my connections. I do think Facebook has benefits as well. I think Facebook’s layout is much easier to use and more user friendly. I also believe Facebook allows you to make more sharing connects whether it is pictures, videos, groups, or events.

Looking at both of these social media networks I can see the benefits of using both sites. You need to keep your work separate from your play and having these two accounts I think that this would be a great way to do so. I am excited to learn more about LinkedIn and further connect with other professionals out there.



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