In today’s world the internet is a very powerful tool. You can use the internet in ways never to be used before. The internet can be used to Christmas shopping, pay bills, manage a company, and even peruse an education.

Until college I haven’t had much of a background with computers. I knew how to turn it on and a few basic skills, but this was all about to change. In school I was surprised how much I was able to learn just by going on the internet. When it came time to graduate I couldn't much I learned using internet and technology. After graduation it became even more powerful then I have ever imagined. I began searching for jobs on the internet and one day I received an email about a job I applied for. Next thing I knew I was having an interview over the internet and received my first job. 
All of this was due to the powerful tool of the internet. 

Today I used the internet on a regular basis learning new things each day. One site I visit the most is This site allows physical education teachers to search and share ideas. I found this to be very beneficial to be able to communicate and receive feedback from other professionals in my field. Although I am currently not following any authors I do follow trends on micro blogging sites. This allows be to receive news as it is posted.

The internet can sometime be viewed as garbage and not reliable. To some extent this may be true but I would have to argue its also a wonderful learning tool. I seem to lean from the internet the most when reading blogs. I know most people don’t thing blogs are reliable but when I read blogs it allows me to see other peoples experiences. This allows me learn from others and a try new things. On the opposite side, one area where I feel the internet distances me is not being able to communicate face to face. I believe I have lost some social skills deal with people in person. The reason for this is rather then going and talking to the person face to face I am able to do it through the internet. 

Being a teacher and dealing with children all day I realize that we are in a different time. Today students are much more geared around learning with technology than ever before. I think the way technology is evolving and how students are learning technology is one of the most powerful learning tool out there. 


05/20/2013 11:24pm

I I too had little to no experience with the internet prior to college. Computers were available but they were very expensive and my parents didn't have one. When I had opportunities to use a computer, it was just for writing papers and not too much internet exploration. I am amazed how much information is out there about anything you can think of. You can read articles, see videos, blogs, and reviews on anything that your interested in. So much learning can be done on the internet as long as you understand where the information is coming from and you check your sources.

01/28/2014 5:32am

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