There are wide ranges of productivity tools that can be using in a number of different ways. After review the site lifedev I became more familiar to some tools and also introduced to new ones.

One tool that I was familiar with was Google. I knew Google was a search engine but had no idea of all its powerful tools. While in exploring Google and sharing tools I came across Google Doc/Drive. I originally thought this was an area to save documents and return for later use.  I had know idea with using Google Docs you were able to share documents with others and they could make changes or corrections at any point. I believe this would be a great tool for teachers to use in sharing ideas and exchanging lesson plans.

Another productivity tool I found that would be very useful was a program called my favorite run. This is a program that allows you to map out your running routes prior to your run and document distances as you run. I think this would be very beneficial as a physical education teacher and as a coach. I believe this would not only be a great tool for my own personal use but also for my students as well. This would allow students to show their running routes and record improvements in time and distance.

The last productivity tool I researched was a music listing application called Pandora. This is a free Internet radio that can be listened to from a personal computer or even a smart phone. Ok, I know what some of you’re thinking how is a radio application a productivity tool? For me when I am listing to music I can get some much more done. It allows me to say focused and complete the task at hand. Also this would allow for me to provided free music to my students during activities. This might seem like a distractions but I found having music during cretin activities creates positive environment in the gym.

Productivity tools can come in a number of different forms. These are just a few that I researched that I thought would be not only beneficial to myself but also my students. I am looking forwarding to experimenting with these productivity tools and to explore more in the future. 


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