Technology is involving from day to day and the way people are using it is constantly changing. Prior to this class I thought I had a decent understanding of technology but after two and a half weeks my knowledge for using technology in education greatly increased. 

I have learned some very useful tools in technology up until this point. One program I learned how to use was weebly.com. This is a website that allows you to build your own professional website. I think this is a great way to give others an understanding of who you are and share your great ideas with others out there. Another useful tool I would never classify with education is Facebook. I thought this was just a way to connect with friends and make plans for the weekend. I had no idea it could be used for creating pages and collaborating with other professionals in your field. The last topic I learned was using podcasts in education. Prior to this class I heard the term podcasts but didn’t know what they were, let alone how to make them.

I believe working through the assignments in this class and reading the articles posted I learned more about using technology in education in two weeks then I did the whole time in college. This class is very challenging for me but I am looking forward to the rest of the class and learning new skills I can use in my teachings.


05/24/2013 1:34pm

We have a lot in common when it comes to our technology knowledge. I too had what I thought was a base understanding of current technology usage. Going the the 710 course has been an eye opener. I never realized some of the possibilities. It is exciting to see some of the ways to give and receive information on the web.
I agree that weebly and using a personal web page might be the most usable for creating a positive web presence. The pwp through weebly has been easy to use and manipulate to create a page easily. I am looking forward to adjusting mine for future use in the field as well.
I am looking forward to reading more of your posts. Blessings!

Dante Ward
05/26/2013 11:59pm


i enjoyed your post. I really enjoy weebly.com as well. I found it very easy to use and I can't believe it is FREE. I have told so many people about it already and I am getting compliments from my friends. I agree with you that we will learn so much through this course if we stick with it.

Great post.


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