Today social media can be found almost anywhere you look. Social medias can be used to stay connected with friends, following groups, posting pictures, and even education. In the article it discusses how social medias can and is being used in education.

I believe social medias are great tools. My personal favorite social media is Facebook. I typically use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family but it wasn't until recently I started exploring more of its possibilities in education. I recently graduated college where Facebook was on the forefront. In my last semester of student teaching our class had a group set up for all the participants. At first I was a little skeptical using social media for educational personal, but after some time I found it very helpful. In the group students would post assignments that were due and ideas they had for teaching. After we graduated I did not think I would use this group any more but I was completely wrong. To this day we still post information that is very helpful such as job openings, lesson plans, and educational videos.

After reading this article it gave me a new perspective of social medias in education. I thought this article was very interesting and provided a new look on education. Social media in education can be great for communicating, sharing ideas, problem solving, and staying connected.  I do believe social medias should not be the center focus of education but I do believe it can be outstanding in assisting the learning process. I also believe social media when used in education should be limited to the higher education system. Overall, I believe if social media is used appropriately teachers will be able to connect with students like never before.  


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