When I read the title of Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 the first thing that came to my mind was a number of professional websites and databases. The more I thought about it I got the idea of concrete tools such as smart boards, projectors, and graphing calculators. After clinking on the link I was shocked to find not one of these I had in mind made the list.

The most useful tool in 2012 was Twitter. This took me by surprise. I am relatively new to Twitter but I did not expect this to be number one on the list for learning tools.  After explore more of the tools on the list I notice out of the one hundred learning tools I use twenty to twenty five of them on a daily basis. Tools such as Facebook, Flickr, and ITunes were three tools that I was not expecting to make the list for educational purposes.

After reviewing the list of learning tools it gave me a new perspective of what is considered a learning tool and how the world is changing to a technology based classroom. There were also a number of tools on list that I have never heard of. It would be interesting to research these programs and get a better understanding of how others are using them in their classroom. I really enjoyed reviewing this site because it gave me a better understand of what tools are being used and give me new ideas for upcoming lessons.


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