Technology is being used more and more in the classroom and even in the physical education setting. A new type of technology I was introduced to after reading these articles was something called podcasts. According to Cebeci and Mehmet Tekdal (2006) podcasting is an audio content delivery approach based on Web syndication protocols such as RSS and/or Atom. To me this was a little confusing and I wasn’t sure how I could relate this to my lessons. After reading these articles I had a better understanding of what podcasts were and was very enthused about how I can use them in my own lessons. 

I believe using iPods and podcast can have great benefits. When using podcasts I believe it would benefit the auditory learners. I believe IT allows you to present information in a way the students would be interested in rather than a traditional lecture. I think it's great how students can record their own responds and upload it to the podcast server. This would provide the class the ability to hear other student’s perspective and reflect more on their own work. I think another benefit would be its accessibility and mobility. I believe the biggest benefit would be tapping to the information by the new age student. Students today are raised in a society where technology is above all their normal.  As educators we can tap into this for the purpose of teaching and the possibilities are endless.

There were a few issues I though might limit the effectiveness of using podcast and iPods in educations. One issue I found with using podcast in physical education was most of my teaching involves me to explain and demonstrating. This accommodates both auditory and visual learners. Using iPods would take away from providing visual aids. The biggest disadvantage I found is the cost of iPods. In this article students were given iPods to complete their work. With the cuts in education I think it would be challenging to provide all students with and iPod. I also think even thought a majority of people have iPods there are a few that can’t afford them and I believe this would be a major limitation in using it as a learning device.

Overall, I though the articles were very interesting and made me think of new ways I could incorporate technology in my own classes. When I first read the assignment it was just another thing to do on my to do list, now I’m excited to learn more about podcasts and use them in my own classes. 


Brandon Ellis
05/25/2013 1:24pm

Hello Caleb,

I like the look of your web site. I thought your comment about auditory learners benefiting from podcasts was well put. I thought podcasts could provide a good supplemental component to assignments where such students would get the benefit of hearing instructions as well as reading them. I also agree with you in terms of i-pods not being cost feasible for many programs. Students in my classes often don't have access to computers or the internet at home.


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