The Internet is a very powerful tool that can be used in a number of different ways. Sometimes the Internet is referred to as the Web. So when I heard the terms Web 1.0 and 2.0 I thought it had to deal with the speed of the Internet. I had no idea how different the two were. After reading and researching Web 1.0 and 2.0 I have a better understanding of how they are used.

Web 1.0 was the first of the two. This was designed by producers to inform consumers about different products. There was a form of information and it was presented. At the time this seemed to be a huge gain in presenting information and informing others on different products. It wasn’t until Web 2.0 when people started interacting and sharing with on another about their experiences. After Web 2.0 was launched social media networks took off. Today everywhere you look there are social media sites. Up until this point these social media sites were solely used for staying connected and sharing with friends and family. Today these sites are being used in promoting products, creating events, sharing videos, and even for educational purposes.

Prior to my research of Web 2.0 I didn’t realize the number of sites I use on a daily basis that were 2.0 applications. Some Web 2.0 sites I am most familiar with are Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. After reviewing Larry Ferlazzo Best Web 2.0 Applications for Education I had my eyes opened to a number of different tools. The one that I was very impressed with was Slidely. This is an application it allows you to put pictures to music and create a slide show. I think this would be a very neat tool to introduce to my students and have them create their own projects with this application.

Whether you know it or not when you’re on the Internet you are probably on a form of Web 2.0.  It is very impressive how the Internet can evolve from something that was a one-way street to an intersection where you can go in any directions with no limits. I think these are great gains not only for consumers but also for educations. I am excited to research more about Web 2.0 applications and how I incorporate them in my teachings. 


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