When I first heard the word Wikis I thought I was simply an abbreviation for the web site Wikipedia. After reading these articles and doing a little research I have a better understanding of what wikis are and how they can be used.

Up until this point I was always told never to use Wikipedia for any form of assignment. I now have a different perspective on this. I always perceived that all information on Wikis were unreliable. I now have a different view on this. Even though anyone can edit a Wiki a majority of the post are from professionals or persons highly experienced in the subject matter. You may not want to quote a Wiki word for word but I believe it would be an excellent place to begin research on a give topic.

Today Wikis are being used more and more in education and other professional fields. I think Wikis are and will be an upcoming trend in education. Wikis are a way for educators to get input from the class without holding a class discussion. I believe this would help with time management of a class and provide students who might be unwilling to talk in class share their thoughts. I also think Wikis can benefit the teachers as well. I believe teachers could use these as a tool to share ideas with other professionals all around the world and stay up to date on current trends.

Wikis are becoming more and more popular as we evolve into a technology generation. I think Wikis are going to be used by many more professionals as time goes on. I believe if used appropriately Wikis can be an outstanding tool not only for educators but students as well.


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