In today’s world the job market for education is very demanding. School are either laying off teachers or not replacing the ones that have retired. Recently searching for employment and finally getting hired I can honestly say what a challenge it has been. Even though it is very challenging to find a job in the education field there are new tools out there that can be very beneficial when looking for employment.  Some of these tools include professional portfolios, personal web sites, and LinkedIn. These are all very powerful tools but they do have their pros and cons


One thing I found when setting up these tools is the user friendliness. For each one of these tools were very self-explanatory when setting up an account. I think this is very helpful when trying to deal with the stress of looking for a job you don’t have to deal with the stress of setting up these sites. Another great thing these tools do are they allow you to connect with other professionals. LinkedIn would be a perfect example of connecting with other professionals including employers searching for workers.  Next, I believe personal web sites, if done correctly can provide incite of your personal life and expresses your beliefs. Lastly I think using an online professional portfolio would be beneficial due to the access of it. Portfolios are great but too often you see portfolios in three ring binders and can only be viewed by a limited number of people. Having an online professional portfolio you can show off your abilities and increase the number of people who view it just by a click of a button.


With some of the positives these tools provide there are also some negatives. One downfall I noticed is the cost for upgrading. When setting up these tools you are granted a free version but if you would like to upgrade your required to pay a fee. This might be ok for large corporations but for people right out of school and out of work this could be a limitations. Another negative effect from using these sites is presenting your image in a way that is not intended. When employers have access to these sites and review your work they can interpret it anyway they feel. If not set up a hundred percent professional or the way you intend you may provide a false image of who you really are. This can cause employers to loose interest in you and can eliminate your chance of getting the position.


Finding employment in education or any field today may be very challenging. These are just a few technology tools that can help you when searching for employment. Not every tool is perfect and all have their pros and cons, but with appropriate research and professionalism I believe they will aid in you finding employment. 


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