When I heard the word microblogging I was a little confused at first. I heard the word before but was unsure what it meant. After doing some research I got a better understanding of what microblogging is. Twitter is a form of microblogging that allows you to follow people, sport teams, and trend. You often hear negative remarks about twitter but the truth is it can be very useful. As educators we can use twitter in a number of ways. We can use it to communicate with other educators, we can use it to follow trend to stay current, and we can follow professional associations.

I am relatively new to the twitter world and at first I was a little hesitant. After some research and some experimenting I found Twitter to be user friendly. I believe using twitter will provide me with the opportunity to connect with others in this program. I am very excited to learn more about Twitter and other forms of microblogging. 


Arthur Berlanga
05/14/2013 9:23am

Hey Caleb, I too was a bit skeptical about the meaning of microblogging. I don't think I've heard of this term until taking this course. I too have learned a great deal, especially with building the PWP. I wasn't too excited about creating a twitter account though. Due to the fact many of my high school student and athletes are constantly consumed by the world of social networking. I didn't want my students or athletes knowing where I was or what I was doing outside of my profession. I have learned that if I keep it strictly professional and not get too personally about what I tweet, then I should just fine. I enjoyed browsing through you PWP and reading your blogs. Look forward to reading more.

Kailey Allen
05/14/2013 10:36pm

Hi Caleb,
I enjoyed your thoughts on microblogging. I was actually a little caught off guard when I saw it was a requirement to have a twitter account. I held off on creating one up until last year. I have found it actually to be helpful because I was able to keep up with my schools athletic successes. It was fun to watch scores of games and keep informed when I wasn't able to make it to the athletic events. I hope you find your twitter account will help you stay informed. I also enjoy Penn State but I like to watch their volleyball. They have a really good volleyball team and I always enjoy seeing their team be one of the best in the county!! I really enjoyed reading your blog posts and learning more about you.


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