Statistics are used in a variety of different ways. Statistics can be used in business to show their gains for the month, they can be used by car salesmen to justify why this is the right car for you, they can be used in sports to show an athlete's performance, but most importantly they can be used in school to show areas where students are doing well. There are a number of statistics tools out there that can help you compute this information.

After some research I came up with a few sites and tools that I thought would be very helpful. The first one that I thought was pretty cool was the Statistics in Sports or SIS website. This web site provides a number of different links to any type of statistic that was related to sports. Being a baseball fan I really liked the section that the guy graphed all the MLB hall of fame players statistics and had projections for future starts. I think this would be very beneficial for a coach to use this in plotting an athlete’s performances from game to game and from week as well. I think this would provide the players with a better understanding of their performance and help the coach assess areas that need more attentions.

The next online statistic analyzing tool I discovered was the Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis or SISA. Just as stated in the title this looked like a very simple user friendly tool for computing statistics. This online tool had a number of features such as Frequency, T test, Ratios, distributions, and many more data procedures. This would be a great online tool for people who are relatively new to dealing with statistics and interpreting data.

Statics can be very helpful when solving problems or trying to validate research. These are just a few online tools I feel would be very helpful to anyone dealing with statistics. 


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