Prior to this class I have never heard of a Personal Learning Network. After review the various PLN I decided to select the site Scoop It. This site caught my eye because of the informative YouTube video explaining the site. I found at first it was confusing but after some time I was able to pick up how do use the site. The first item I scooped was an article on shoulder injuries. I found this very interesting because I have gone through two AC separations myself. I am still not a pro with Scoop It or PLN but I am looking forward to further exploring these sites.


Darryl Hardwick
05/15/2013 6:32pm


I'm on the same page as you regarding Personal Learning Network, I had never heard of it before this class. I am internet and social-media challenged so all of this is new to me! I think I will try Scoop It and see what happens, in the mean time lets see if we both can get better acquainted with all of these new websites Dr.Sailor is referring us to..Good Luck! It not where you start it's where U finish!


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