There are a number of different types of careers in today’s world. When choosing a career it can be scary and even mind-boggling.  I was always told the three most stressful things in life are moving, having kids, and changing careers. As far as stressful events in my life I was about to do two of the three.

This is my first year starting a new career and there were a number of questions running through my head. I kept asking myself what am I doing? Is this right fit for me? This went on for sometime until one day it hit me, I am right where I need to be.

 I knew this because when I wake up in the mornings I don’t dread the day. I noticed during the day I never look at the clock and count the hours until quieting time. I realized when I talk to others about my profession I never once referred to it as work. What really made be realize I’m in the right career is when a student came up to me and said this was the most fun she had ever had in PE class.

I believe this success is related to my sweets spots or strengths. Some of these strengths are explain and demonstrating fun activities to be engaged in. I believe I do a great job for checking for understanding to ensure for a successful lesson. When a class is over I do a great job of getting feedback and seeing what went well and what we need to work on for the next class. This made be realize I have a number of strengths and when I am using them throughout the day not only are the children having fun, but I’m having fun as well.

I might not ever dread going to school but I do have my up and down days. At times everything seems like its going right and at times things seem out of control. One area where I feel I am lacking strength is communicating to parents. I can teach the best lesson and have the students be engaged, but when it comes to communicating with parents I seem to be lost for words. This is one area I would like to improve on.

Every career has its ups and downs. Some people stay with the same career their whole life, some will switch numerous times. This is my first career as a physical education teaching and loving every minute of it. I have my sweet spots and areas where I need improvement. When it’s all said and done I know I’m having a positive influence on my students lives and that’s the most rewarding career I could ever ask for.  


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